The Authentic Pizza Solution

we provide hotels, venues, pubs and restaurants with the full pizza solution
to help you achieve up to 80% GP in just 3 minutes!

Thanks to our Pizza bases and Pizza products which are hand crafted in Italy by real master pizzaiolos using the finest Italian ingredients, we give you all the quality you need, without major investment in money, time or skills. PizzaSi is an award winning solution, created, delivered and supported by Chefs for Chefs.

Supporting the hospitality industry


Expand your food offering & capitalise on in-room dining, without the hassle or need for skilled chefs!

Pubs & Restaurants

Perfect to enhance your current food offering, fitting easily into your existing menu, whilst also helping to increase wet sales.

Sport & Stadiums

Serve quickly and score with your customers! Our pizza range is ideal for before and after the event starts, or during the intervals.

Leisure & Travel

Increase and delight your customer experience by serving an Authentic Italian Pizza experience consistently in under 4 minutes.

Education & Healthcare

Give your customers what they crave, and expand your quality food offering easily, with a one stop Pizza solution.

The PizzaSi solution

  • All equipment is provided
  • Maintenance is included
  • Portion control tools provided
  • Staff training at commencement and ongoing
  • Marketing support to help drive awareness and sales
  • Guaranteed consistency and authentic quality
  • Minimum waste guaranteed
  • Low skill set required
  • Dedicated and passionate customer service team
  • Nationwide distribution network


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All about the base

Produced in the heart of Italy, we manufacture several thousands, individually hand stretched pizza bases every hour, in our very own MEGA PIZZERIA – so you know it’s good!

Made with premium local ingredients including Semolina Durum Wheat Flour and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we never compromise on quality. This is so important to us, testimony to why we use the best technology to keep our standards consistently high, whilst still delivering our iconic artisan base.

Prepare and serve the most authentic Italian pizzas to your guests, with minimum output from you or your team: as part of our pizza family, you will have access to the full PizzaSi Solution, providing you with a compact, real stone oven, all portion control tools and accessories, including maintenance, staff training and customised marketing support.

Simply assemble your pizza using our base products any way you wish – we will even give you the support and training, you need to develop a show-stopper of a menu to wow your clients and keep them returning for more.

For your convenience,
our one-stop pizza kit contains:

  • Made with Semolina Durum wheat flour
  • Delivered to you fresh with up to 60 days life in the fridge
  • Suitable for freezing
  • Individually hand stretched and irregularly shaped for extra authenticity
  • Made with Semolina Durum wheat flour
  • Base size available:12”, 10”, 9”, 8” and rectangular (40x30cm)
  • Gluten free (individually wrapped) options

  • Minimum 12 months life ambient
  • Our signature blend, packed bursting with flavour
  • Conveniently packaged in 1.5kg bags

Equipment we provide

free on loan*
  • 3Kw / H13a
  • Cooking time: 3 minutes
  • Cooks up to 2 12” pizzas
  • Compact (51 x 59 x 40cm)
  • Max temperature 350C
  • Standard 3 pin plug - 13 amp
  • Made in Italy
  • Easy to operate
  • Pizza shovel
  • Pizza slicer
  • Portion control tomato sauce
  • Portion control Mozzarella
  • Easy to operate

All of our equipment is designed to deliver professional and quality performance, as well as being extremely simple to operate. The utensils we provide will help you prepare consistently perfect pizzas - every single time - in less than 3 minutes!

Our compact, real stone pizza oven is robust and very economic to use! (8 hour usage is equal to approx. €3/£3). Because of it’s compact size, it can easily be placed in any kitchen or front of house – even outdoors, which means it’s perfect for beer gardens, al fresco dining or bbq settings. We provide a quick and responsive resolution along with free maintenance to our customers, so on the very rare occasion that maybe something goes wrong , we’ve got your back!

*T&C’s apply, please speak to our Pizza Specialist for more info.

Why work with us?

Our expertise in the hospitality and pizza world along with our partnerships within the global food service industry means that we have the know how, the passion and commitment to support you from product development, menu engineering, training to implementation and beyond.

We are a true authentic food solution created and developed BY CHEFS, FOR CHEFS.

Driving profits higher, the PizzaSi one stop solution provides everything a food operator could need and more; equipment, training, maintenance, menu development, and customised marketing support with a dedicated team of experienced and passionate hospitality and pizza chefs. Supported by a nationwide distribution network – either with one of our major partners or direct – our vision is achieved by providing our customers with a solution to serve the most authentic, Italian quality pizza experience outside of Italy.

Now servicing thousands of food operators in hotels, restaurants, holiday parks, sporting venues, leisure facilities and education establishments throughout Europe and the US. With offices in UK, Ireland, Benelux, France, Italy, Spain and the US, this "one of a kind" pizza solution enables businesses to serve your guests a beautiful, thin and crispy pizza consistently, with low investment and minimum skill set required whilst enjoying up to 600% increase in pizza sales as a direct result.

  • Staff training
  • Menu engineering
  • Dedicated research and development